July Newsletter

We are having the best summer! Your children are busy – learning and having fun. I love the activities our lead teachers are creating for your child. We are looking forward to continuing care/educational experiences with your child/ren during our school year 2018-2019.

The children who have enrolled in or are moving up from EPS/Fab 4 to our Kindergarten Readiness Preschool, will be receiving an invitation to our open house. The invitations will come in the mail during the first part of August. The open house will be held on Aug. 17th from 3:30-5:15 pm. Drop in at your leisure during this time.

Some FYI as you enroll your child into school:

The current preschoolers are gearing up for Kindergarten. We are visiting about moving up to kindergarten, how we will meet new friends, and have new teachers. We are reading books to them about their first day of school to help with the anxiety level as they transition. What a huge step in life, going to Kindergarten! We shall miss them!!

USD#409 enrollment is Tuesday July 31st 10am-6pm and Wednesday Aug 1st 3-7pm. We will have a booth in the entryways, to sign up for before and/or after school care. Be sure you tell USD#409 transportation people that your child will be attending ACCA and fill out the transportation form. Every once in a while 409 will take us or pick us up. 409 begins school the 14th of August.

SBCS enrollment will be Monday August 6th from 4-7pm. Please see our office if you would like to enroll your child into our before and/or after school program. We will drop off and pick up your child in the ACCA bus. SBCS begins school on August 16th. Please tell SBCS that your child will be enrolled in ACCA.

Trinity Lutheran enrollment will be Thursday August 2nd, 8am-1pm and 5-8pm. Please see our office if you would like to enroll your child into our before and/or after school program. We will drop off and pick up your child in the ACCA bus. Please tell Trinity that your child will be enrolled in ACCA so they will add them to their bus list. The bus will pick the children up out front. They will begin school on August 16th.

Other important information
POISON HOTLINE NUMBER 1-800-222-1222. Please post this in your planners, by all telephone and in your phone book. This is a number that connects the caller to the closest poison center. The number is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week by nurses, pharmacists and doctors.

We have always been on a state assisted food program called CACFP (Child and Adult Food Program) It is under the FDA umbrella. We are required to serve fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain breads, cereals with very limited processed foods. We are on the “silver level” which means we are following the guidelines of food serving, movement activities and healthy lifestyle promotion. I know sometimes children would much rather choose pizza, pasta, hotdogs or mac-n-cheese, hot pockets, pizza rolls etc. We do eat family style where children serve themselves and take a serving or less food as they desire. We use the quote “take what you think you will eat until your tummy gets full” “you may not like it ‘yet’, your taste buds may like it next time” We also are required to serve milk with each meal. The children may or may not drink it but we must serve it. Please be assured that we are seeing that the children eat as much as they’d like, we have multiple menus so there should be something for everyone. The menu’s are posted on the wall outside of the kitchen if you’d like to see them. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

My wish and prayer is for all children to have a wonderful time, great learning experiences and close relationships during their time at ACCA. I want them to look back and say “I was loved, treasured and wanted at ACCA”!! I fulfill my life’s mission each time this happens. ACCA is blessed with a wonderful school family that also supports this mission! We strive very hard and go the extra mile to accomplish goals for your child. Thank you for allowing us to nurture, care for and help educate your child!

July’s Calendar:

TBA – 3rd-6th Kansas City Zoo
(Next nicer day)
4th – Independence Day – ACCA Closed
5th – 3rd-6th – WWI Museum (if down in enrollment we will reschedule)
10th – 1st/2nd Weston Bend State Park
11th – 3rd-6th Weston Bend State Park
12th – Kin – Adobe Hut
17th – 1st/2nd Amelia House
18th – Kin – Santa Fe Depoe / Trolly Ride
19th – 3rd-6th Amelia House
24th – 1st/2nd Kaleidoscope
25th – Kin – Hiawatha Pool
26th – 3rd-6th Topeka Pool
31st – 1st/2nd Kansas City Zoo

August 2nd – 3rd-6th Chiefs Play 60

Enjoy the rest of your summer, Carrie

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