April 2016 Newsletter

Celebrate children with us:
International Week of the Young Child: April 11th – 15th
11th – Music Monday
12th – Taco Tuesday – Taco Bar for lunch
13th – Work Together Wednesday
14th – Artsy Thursday – Artist Box – EPS/Fab4/PS
15th – Family Friday – Parents may join your child — just grab breakfast from kitchen, sit down and enjoy. (Muffin, fruit and milk) – Wear Green and White

Tooting Our Horn!!  ACCA Preschool awarded the “Achievement Award” for Outstanding Kansas Reading Initative results from Lexia Education Design Solutions.

“Together we are changing the lives of students.”

April is Child Abuse and Neglect Month:

10 Signs of Child Abuse
Unexplained injuries.
Changes in behavior.
Returning to earlier behaviors.
Fear of going home.
Changes in eating.
Changes in sleeping.
Changes in school performance and attendance.
Lack of personal care or hygiene.
Risk-taking behaviors.
Inappropriate sexual behaviors.

Child Abuse is everyone’s business. To report call 1-800-922-5330.



April Calendar:
1st – April Fools Day
5th – Trinity Early Dismiss
6th – SBCS Late Start / 409 Early Release
8th – 409 and SBCS No School
11th-15th Week of the Young Child
15th – Trinity No School
20th – SBCS Late Start / 409 Early Release
21st – Graduation Pictures (Harden/Sarah PS)
22nd – Earth Day

Keys to Self-Control

How can you teach your little one to handle big emotions like anger, frustration, and disappointment? Work on increasing his self-control with these strategies to help him think before he acts.

Talk it out
Give your child words to use when he is upset. For example, if you can’t find your glasses, you might say, “I feel so frustrated! Where did I last have them?” Then, when your child is frustrated (say, you misplaced your favorite book), encourage your child to use similar words. “I feel mad that I lost my book. I was looking at it in the living room—maybe it’s there.” They’ll learn to talk through their problems and be less likely to pout or whine.

Think ahead
Prepare for situations where self-control comes in handy. You could say, “We’re going to your cousin’s house. Let’s think about what you can do if she’s playing with a toy you want.” You may ask to join her, or you could ask to play with another toy until she’s finished. Having a plan can help your child avoid grabbing the toy or yelling at their cousin.

Calm down
When your child begins to get upset, help them find ways to keep their cool. For instance, they might take a deep breath, count to five, or draw a picture of how they are feeling. The distraction may be enough to settle them down. Once they’re used to these techniques, they’ll be able to do them without a reminder from you.

Resources for Educators, a division of CCH Incorporated


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March 2016 Newsletter

Please remember that we have certified early preschool for 3 years olds, certified preschool for 4 year olds (Fab 4) and 2 certified Kindergarten Readiness Preschool classes operate within our center.  They are included in child care costs.

I have always said and believe that caregivers are the most important people in the world because we shape and mold our future.  Our profession is low pay with very little benefits.  We are professionals in the various fields of child development.  We provide educational-childcare, developmentally appropriate infant-toddler care, 3 preschool programs as well as before and after school care.  We love it!  We reap the rewards of watching children learn and develop!  Teachers touch the future and we are proud to serve you and your children.  Our commitment is second to none!

The chili supper was a success.  I am please that people came, generously gave and made the day very successful.  Thank you for helping us have a successful event.  We raised 8000.       We are well on our way to a new playground.

Kindergarten Rounds ups are here….can’t believe it’s already that time.  Your child must be 5 on or before August 31, 2016 to be eligible.

  • USD 409 March 1st 8am-7pm and 2nd 8-10am
  • Trinity Lutheran is March 3rd 3:45-6:30 pm
  • SBCS is March 15th 4-6:30 pm – also need Baptism certificate

When pre-enrolling your child for kindergarten, remember to bring birth certificates, immunization records and social security numbers.  At least one parent should accompany your child.  At USD 409 a pre screening will be scheduled during enrollment.  It would be great for you to call 367-1161 and get an appointment.

Severe Weather Awareness week will be March 14-18.  The sirens will be tested on Tuesday, March 16, for the 1st drill then, the 1st Wednesday of each month through September, thereafter.  Our whole center will follow the procedure for our tornado drill, as we do monthly during March-September.  We teach the children to follow us to the infant/toddler hallway and criss-cross their legs and tuck our heads underneath our arms.  We place blankets over their heads and we talk about the loud noises we would hear if it were a real tornado.  We want your child to feel safe and secure at all times.  We practice as if it were real.

Upcoming Fundraisier: Butter Braid (Windmolen Twist) will be given out on March 18 and turn in date is April 4.  Delivery: April 15.  You can check out their Facebook page Emch Fundraising.  The money we raise will go towards the east playground.


Carrie Sowers,Director

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February 2016

Dear School Family,

February is a time of friendship and love.  Children learn the meaning of love, friendship and giving through holidays such as Valentine’s Day.  It is exciting to watch them open their valentines, share the joy and celebrate together.  Isn’t that what life is all about.  We will have class Valentine parties on Thursday February 11th.  If you would like to send Valentines and treats or wish list times, please bring enough for your’s child’s class.  There are 6 infants / 13 toddlers, 10 nursery, 24 Early Preschool-Fab 4 / 30 Preschool.  Please have your child sign the back of the valentines, as they will drop the cards into their friends valentine box/sacks.  Guest are welcome to come!  We would love for the children to bring their cards on Tuesday or Wednesday, so they can be passed out before the actual party.

Thursday February 4th, 4:30-6:30 pm we will hold our annual Chili/Soup—Silent Auction fundraiser.  We will be using the money from this project for upgrade the east playground.  Please bring your whole family and tell your neighbors and friends to come out and get a great homemade meal.  It is pay as you please.  Elaine Schrader is making the chili and soup and the staff is making the cookies.  Without your help we can not be successful!!

Every year we adopt a soldier.    We try our best to choose a former ACCA child or a direct connection to ACCA.  This year, as you may know, we adopted Nathaniel Curry, former ACCA student.  He is an Airman.  At Christmas we sent candies, cookies, jerky, tons of snack foods and cough drops.  He shared with his platoon and they enjoyed it.  The children will make Valentine cards this week for them.  We are asking for Valentine snacks, jerky, gum, mints anything you’d like to donate.  The donation box will be on the steps leading up to the my office.  If you’d like to bring some things, please have them here by the evening of Feb 4,  so I can mail the package off to him in time for Valentine’s day.  It’s so nice to be remembered away from home!  Thanks for your participation.

February is Dental Health Month.  We will do activities to help teach children about good oral health.  Did you know that you should replace your child’s toothbrush every 3 months (home and school).  We have the children brush their teeth after breakfast and lunch every day.  One of the cute songs we sing with the children is:

Brush, Brush, Brush you teeth
Brush them every day
So you won’t have cavities
An keep them nice and white.
(to the tune Row, Row, Row, your boat)

We will have very cool science activities!  Be sure and check out your child’s room.

February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day — The traditions and legend of the Tooth Fairy are still practiced today all around the world.  It is considered a useful practice by many parents because it gives their children something to look forward to when they lose their teeth.  And so year after year, baby teeth are placed under children’s pillows at night in hopes of waking up to a wonderful surprise from none other than the Tooth Fairy! (www.toothfairy.org)

February is also observes Act of Kindness Week (February 14-20)

Words have Power — They motive….inspire….express emotions….give confidence and bring joy.

Kindness Song: (sing to the tune of ‘Are you Sleeping?’
Kindness matters, kindness mater
Every day in every way…..
Share with one another
Care of one another….
Let us all be kind today

50 acts of kindness per day….For 55 years…..Equals One Million Acts of Kindness

An act of kindness can be as east as a friendly smile for a stranger, a kind

thought for someone, holding the door for others, helping someone elderly with a routine task, letter a driver through in traffic, thanking a veteran, forgiving someone whom you felt has hurt you….

Thank you so much for paying your account in full each and every month.  We are able to offer the highest quality and educational care as possible when accounts are paid in full.

February Calendar

2nd – Trinity Early Dismiss – Ground Hog Day
3rd – SBCS Late Start / 409 Early Dismiss
4th – ACCA Annual Chili/Soup Supper 4:30-6:30
5th – SBCS No School – Nat’l Wear Red Day
11th – ACCA Class Parties
12th – 409 No School
14th – Valentine’s Day
15th- All No School (President’s Day)
17th – SBCS Late Start / 409 Early Dismiss

Please remember to call the center (367-6441) if your child won’t be attending or riding the bus to or from school.  We miss them when they are gone!

We appreciate being your child’s caregiver.  It has been wonderful watching the progress of growth and maturity in the children this year.  It is hard to believe that its’ already February 2016.  Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you — Thank you for allowing us to care for your children.


Carrie Sowers,Director

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