You are required to notify the Child Care Center office if your child is ill (913-367-6441).  Parents whose fees are paid by DCF should notify the office of the reason for any absence.  A child must be fever free without medication for a 24-hour period before returning.


When a child becomes ill at the Center, the Executive Director, Program Director, Administrative Assistant or Head Teacher will notify the parent or guardian.

If the parent/guardian cannot be reached we will then call the person listed in your family history form.  The child is isolated from the other children, preferably, in the office.  Parent/Guardian or designated person must come after the sick child as soon as possible.

If you child becomes ill or gets injured we will call you.  Sick children and those with fevers of 100 degrees or higher must stay home.  If your child was ill during the night with such illnesses as diarrhea, vomiting, asthma, persistent coughing, sore throat, known or unknown/documented or undocumented skin rashes/issues/conditions, contagious disease while in communicable stages need to stay home.  If your child has a fever, they should stay home 24 hours after their fever is normal without Tylenol or ibuprofen.  For example, if they had a fever on Tuesday, they can return to school on Thursday if they had no fever on Wednesday. (Guidelines for exclusion for children KDHE)

When your child needs to take medicine we must have the original bottle from the pharmacist and a form filled out from you.  WE CANNOT GIVE NON-PERSCRPTION MEDICINE without the WRITTEN PERMISSION from a physician.


EACH CHILD MUST HAVE A MEDICAL RECORD ON FILE at the center.  When a child is ill, he/she cannot attend the program and parents must provide care elsewhere.  The center should be notified of the child's absence for illness or any other reasons please call.  

The following immunizations are REQUIRED:
5 DPT boosters
4 Polio boosters
2 MMR (measles-mumps-rebella)
2 Varicella (chickenpox), unless history of varicella disease documented by a licensed physician.
3 HIB (Haemophilus influenza type b)
4 PVC13 (Pneumococcal conjugate)
2 Hepatitis A

You make make arrangements at the local Health Department or with your physician for immunizations.


Parents objecting to immunizations must submit a written statement objecting to immunizations.

I hereby refuse to have my child immunized on religious grounds and/or immunization is harmful to my child/children's health and well being (parent and physician).

Date: _________________
Caregiver's Signature: _______________________
Minister's Signature: ________________________
Physician's Signature: _______________________


In case of an emergency the parent/guardian will be notified.  The Executive Director and Program Director are the designed personnel who will take the injured child to the hospital or doctor's office and will start with the child until the parent/guardian arrives.  If the Executive Director and Program Director cannot perform this duty, the Administrative Assistant or Head Teacher of the building assumes this responsibility.

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