Information You Will Want To Know

  1. We brush teeth during the day, so your child will need a toothbrush.  Preferably one that will stay in an individual holder.
  2. Infant/Toddler, Nursery, Early Preschool/Fab4, Preschool and Kindergarten children sometimes have accidents.  We request that each child have TWO extra sets of clothing at the center for emergencies.  Please put the clothing in a shoe box (with child’s name on the box).  Be sure and mark all your child’s clothing.
  3. Parent/Guardian will need to sign permission slips before your child can participate in activities outside the center.  By signing the Authorization and Agreement form in the Parent Information package, you acknowledge that Atchison Child Care Association is not responsible for any medical, hospital expenses and/or other charges that are incurred in the event of an accident.  You herby release Atchison Child Care, the Board of Directors and/or Staff from this liability.
  4. Nursery, Early Preschool/Fab 4 programs start at 8:45 a.m. and Preschool starts at 8:30 a.m.  If you want your child to have the full benefit from the program please have them here by then.
  5. Dress your child according to the weather.  Send sweaters, jackets, coats, hats, boots, globes, etc on cold or snowy days.  We have daily outdoor play except when it rains or is extremely cold.  Many children have jackets, etc that are alike.  Please mark each item with your child’s name.  We would like of your child to wear closed-in shoes.  Flip flops/Thongs can cause a child to fall (stubbed toes are also common) and does not allow the child to run safely.
  6. Safe Sleep Policy for Infants.
  7. Treats – you are welcome to send treats for birthday and holidays.  However be sure you send enough for the children in the class.  Do not send treats only your child and certain friends.
  8. We do not give out invitations to birthday parties unless all the children in the class are invited.  We cannot give out addresses or telephone numbers of children.
  9. DO NOT ALLOW your child to bring money or other valuables to the center.
  10. Transportation to and from local schools – Kindergarten and School Age children is provided.
  11. Play on visiting us during the school year.  WE WANT YOU TO COME!
  12. Please call if your child is not coming to the center on the expected schedule.
  13. Monthly newsletters are posted on our website informing you about your child’s program.  If you do not  have the internet please let us know so we may bring a copy of the newsletter.
  14. Please check your child’s locker daily.
  15. Please inform the office if you intend to withdraw you child from the center.  If you are withdrawing the child because of a problem, moving or no longer working, we want to know the reason.  We require a two week notice.

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