1. Complete an application from the office.
2. Have an interview with the Executive  
   Director, Program Director or Administrative 
3. A school lunch income form, emergency medical 
   form, family history form, and physical exam 
   from a licensed physician or qualified health  
   person is required to be filled out and   
   returned to the office before the child may 
   begin the program.  Please return all forms 
   at least 2 days prior to child's first day of 
4. A plan for immunizations must be made if 
   immunizations have not been started or 
5. Check eligibility for assistance is desired 
   or needed.
6. Atchison Child Care Association's policy is 
   non discriminatory in regard to race, color, 
   religion, national origin, ancestry, physical 
   handicap or sex in accordance with K.S.A. 44- 

To assist us as we go green - please provide e-mail address for statements.  Our newsletter is on the website www.atchchildcare.org.  If you do not have internet access we will print statements for you.


The Atchison Child Care Center is a year-round licensed program.  We are open Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. After 6:00 p.m., there is a $1.00 charge for every one minute you are late.  The closing teacher collects the money at the time of departure.  Emergencies will be taken into consideration.

We are closed for legal holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day.  If the holiday falls on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday, we may or may not be open on the Friday before or the Monday after.


Please list the people who have your permission to pick your child/children up from the center on your enrollment papers.  If at a later date you wish to add someone to your pick up list please notify the office in writing so that we may record this in your child/children's file.  ANY ONE NOT ON THE LIST CANNOT TAKE A CHILD FROM THE CENTER.  If you are divorced we will need file-stamped court papers stating which parent has legal custody.


A child will be subject to dismissal if:
1. Fees over two weeks are delinquent without 
   making special arrangements with the Center 
   Administration.  A written notice will be 
   sent to notify parents of delinquency and 
   reinstatement is possible when the bill is 
   paid in full and if space is available.
2. Health records and other required forms are 
   not current.
3. Discipline or behavior problems.
4. At the discretion of the Executive Director 
   or Program Director, if staff finds a parent 
   to be extremely uncooperative or abusive to 
   the staff.  This would also apply to other 
   family members or persons significant to the 
   child who become extremely problematic for   


The fees for the Atchison Child Care Association are assessed through the Kansas Department of Children and Families and are subject to change.

Rates as follows:
$4.00 per hour - under 12 months (min seven hours per day)
$3.70 per hour - 12 months (and walking) - 2 1/2 years (min seven hours per day)
$3.17 per hour - 2 1/2 year (and potty trained) - 6 years (min seven hours per day)
$3.50 per hour - ages 6 and over (School Age - Kin-5th Grade)
           1 hour min for AM (breakfast and a ride to local schools)
           1 hour min for PM (breakfast and a ride to local schools)
           (7 hours per day min during the summer)
Effective August 1, 2011 - An enrollment fee of $25 will be required at enrollment.

ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID AT THE END OF EACH MONTH.  We will no longer carry balances from month to month.  All accounts 60 days past due will be turned over to collections and you will be responsible for collection fees, court costs and reasonable attorney fees to collect unpaid accounts.

Effective January 1, 2002 - Atchison Child Care requires a two week notice, if you intend to withdraw you child from the center.  If you are withdrawing your child because of a problem, moving or not working, we want to know the reason.

When you bring your child in or pick your child up you will need to clock them in/out.  It makes it very difficult to have an accurate billing system when we have to guess your child's hours of attendance.  If you fail to sign your child out, you will be charged until 6 p.m.  If the parents do not come into the center it makes communication very difficult.

If there is a change in your work schedule, address, telephone number, place of work, hours of child care needed, etc, please let the office know IMMEDIATELY!  This is very important to maintain contact at all times.


It would be greatly appreciated if written notices were given to the office prior to vacations.  This helps us know when to expect your child.  After your child has been attending our center for 1 year, a 1 week vacation will be granted.