According to the Kansas Child Protection Act passed July 1, 1977, a child care center must report suspected child abuse and neglect.  The parent may or may not be notified by the Director if reported.  The staff at the center has received training in this area.  Parents, please give explanations concerning bruises and cuts on the child.  This will be helpful.  Please know we are here to help you with any problems you may have.


Employees are to be aware of the instances in which matter of confidence and loyalty are to be respected.  It is in the best interest of the center and those we serve not to give out information regarding children and their parents.  Such information should be held in trick confidence and should not be discussed with anyone outside of the Center.  Inside the Center, such information should be discussed only when it will benefit the care we offer the children and the parent.  Refer any inquiries on children, their performance, and parents to the Executive Director or Program Director.  Employees will avoid gossip or criticism.  They will support the policies of the Center and demonstrate a professional attitude in all contacts with the Center and community.


Fire Drills are to be carried out each month, NO EXCEPTIONS.  The administrators will sound the alarm and the teachers proceed with the children to the nearest fire exit, walk the children away from the building.  The head teacher gives account for all children.  Head teachers are to check bathrooms for children before leaving the building.  The cook will go to the infant/toddler area and help the infants and toddlers during the fire drill.  Fire drills are carried out in a quiet manner.  The fire drill information is posted.


Tornado Drills are to be carried out April through September, NO EXCEPTIONS.  During a tornado drill classes will go to the lowest area of the building, (the carpeted area in front of the infant/toddler or kitchen area); pull down the serving area windows (in kitchen) shut all doors; and avoid all entrance ways, which are surrounded by glass.


At our location, it is unlikely we will experience a flood.  During extreme weather we will be in touch with the proper authorities and follow their instructions.  Should serious flooding occur, the children will be moved to higher ground.  The Program Director will be listening to batter radio for further instructions.


The Director will notify each lead teacher of weather conditions that may be hazardous.  If high winds, lighting, etc. occurs, the staff will be required to keep children away from windows.  If more serious conditions occur, the Program Director will follow the tornado plan.


It is a code that we will use in an unlikely event of a “bad person” or “uninvited person”, “intruder” or “danger” in our school family building.  We are teaching the children to stay safe in the event of an emergency (we are not saying bad guy/intruder/shooter/ or any horrible thing)…We are teaching the children when and if they ever her “SOS” it means emergency.  They may hear it in the halls, gym, classroom or playground.  They are to immediately smile, walk to their teacher and listen for directors with a silent mouth.  The teachers have prepared designed places in their classrooms for the children to hide and be camouflaged by a cabinet/shelf or something to hide behind so they are not seen from the doorways.  The teachers will lock the doors from the inside as a deterrent, and keep the children quiet and safe until help arrives.


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